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If you are someone who is struggling to lose weight, you will know all too well how depressing it is when it piles back on again.

There is so much misinformation out there about how to successfully lose weight (and keep it off), that it is incredibly confusing. So many diets that promise the earth but leave you constantly hungry and craving. Workout regimes that are punishing and make you feel tired and miserable. And as we get a little older, all of this gets more challenging. Our bodies slow down, and to be perfectly frank, we don’t have the same energy levels that we did in our 20‘s and 30‘s. Gyms and exercise classes can be intimidating, filled with 20 somethings whose bodies are yet to be worn down by life. Being on this depressing cycle of weight loss and gain usually leads to a terrible but misplaced loss of confidence.

If this sounds like you, relax. You are not alone, and there is a solution. I know this, because I was once just like you. Struggling with my body. Wanting to feel good about myself, and most importantly, wanting to find “myself” again after many years of wearing the ‘wife and mum’ hat. My name is Alina Anderson, and I am the Director of The Body Shack. After working in the fitness industry since 2007, I no longer consider myself a Personal Trainer because I have recognised that becoming the best version of yourself requires more than just exercise and nutrition.

I use a simple but powerful process to support both men and women on every level to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, maintain their new body, and have an unshakeable belief in themselves so that moving forward, they don’t actually ‘need’ me any more. My system is simple. Firstly, I start with a thirty minute consultation with you to determine two things:

  1. Are we a good 'fit' to work together?
  2. Your reason for wanting to go through the process. This is extremely important and it allows me to understand where you are at so that I can meet you there.

    My system is based on the Metabolic Precision program, which was researched and developed by Dr Paul Cribb PhD. CSCS. FISSN. I am an MP Level 5 Certified Professional and one of only 20 Level 5 practitioners in the world who has been hand selected by Dr Cribb to use this powerful concept. 

    Central to this program is education about your body, food and exercise. Importantly, when you understand the key principles of this system, you will finally understand why eating less and exercising more is not only ineffective, but in the medium to long term it will actually work against you.

    The information is easy to understand and implement in your life every day. No shakes or pills or potions, just scientifically proven strategies to help you achieve your goals. I don’t expect you to just take my word for it though, you can check out some of my latest success stories here ... Testimonials

    I have a number of exercise programs for you to choose from and you can opt to work out either outside in the sunshine on one of our beautiful beaches with a group of friendly, supportive, like minded people, or in my private studio. You can read more about them here ... Services

    I am a Body Transformation Specialist, and I am passionate about helping you unlock your true potential and have the body of your dreams, because with my methods, your goals are right within your grasp. I guarantee it.

    Alina Anderson

    Alina Anderson

    Alina Anderson

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